Mar. 10th, 2010 10:15 am
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I'm in the health room right now... boy, my face hurts a lot. :(

Some of the other boys at school stopped me in the hallway when I got to school and started talking to me. They weren't talking nice though!! D: They said some mean things.. and then they took my hat and wouldn't give it back! I asked them nicely but they wouldn't listen to me... :( Then they... well.. I don't really wanna talk about it...

The nurses at my school are really, really nice. :3 One of them let me borrow her phone to type this, actually. I guess she makes a lot of money as a nurse, because this phone is amazing! It can go online and and.. it even takes pictures! :O My uncle says I'm not responsible enough for a cell phone, that I'd need a job first before he'd get me one. I wish I could work as hard as these ladies do... they're so dedicated! :333 It's inspiring~ I wonder if they'd let me help out afterschool sometime? :O It might be good practice for my future career! I mean, people aren't that different from animals in the end, right? That's what I think anyways!

Well.. I don't mean to mope, I just felt like I had to get this out!! I feel better now.. :) A little.
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Boy, today was much longer than I would have liked. :( Some other boys picked a fight with me today so I had to stay after school... I didn't fight them back of course but I was in the health room for a long time. The school nurse is a very nice lady. :)

Little Pepper is sleeping soundly too~ I guess he went unnoticed today while I was at school. I hope he feels better... he looks about as bad as I do right now. :( I'm sure we'll both get better though. We can lean on each other for support, like true friends! :)


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